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Ela Souvlaki


<p>New standards in traditional Cypriot Fast Food It is obvious that &acirc;&euro;&oelig;Ela souvlaki, the new fast food place of Paphos, locates it self within the market of Fast Food and in particular in the field of traditional Cypriot Souvlaki by offering a wide range of products, such as pork, ...morelamb, chicken, beef an swordfish souvlaki, as well as more international products like lamb cutlets, spare ribs and chicken wings. By following high standards of food preparation towards more \&quot;value for money eating\&quot; Ela Souvlaki attracts a diverse clientele. Ela Souvlaki&acirc;&euro; people aim transmitting the real traditional souvlaki to the international era. In other words, by offering freshly grilled souvlaki, snugly wrapped in the traditional toasted pita bread and stuffed with fresh vegetables, in a way that displays how Cypriot traditional food can be perfectly accompanied by a modern internationalised environment, and as they say &acirc;&euro;&oelig;delicately garnished with tasty service and crisp cleanliness&acirc;&euro;.</p>

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