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The Reptile House


You are welcome to view the wide variety of reptiles housed here, including Cypriot Snakes, lizards, tortoises etc.
Learn more about them and their fascinating environment.

The Reptile House is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Cost CYP 1.00 for children and CYP 1.50 for adults.

Owner Nicos Charalambous is an expert on reptiles, snakes particularly. He is available for educational talks, rescuing snakes which have been trapped in the home and also to help talk through your phobia about snakes. Please contact via mobile number.

This attraction is well worth a visit especially if you are wary of snakes. Here they are behind glass, not threatened by human presence and it is fascinating to learn about their natural environment and which ones are and are not poisonous.

Discussing the snakes with Nicos can really help to alleviate your fears due to his confidence and experience with handling them over many years.

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