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Candle Suppliers

Cyprus Deals offer an exclusive listing of candle manufacturers in the island. This helps our visitors to easily find the type of dealer they are in search of.

Candles are not just used for giving light anymore, they can be used in churches, as interior decoration items, other traditional practices, and even for candlelight dinners. There are different types of candles. Some of them are church candles, decorative candles, scented candles, etc. Though most candles are made of wax, other materials are also used.

It is also a tradition in many churches to conduct candlelight services during the Christmas season. Candle manufacturers are known as Chandlers. Candles are made in different ways. The most common way is pouring melted wax into the mold and then planting the wick when the wax is still hot. The candle is then designed or shaped as needed and sold. Apart from these uses, some candles are also bought based on their wax. The melted wax is used for special therapies and treatments. Candles also have medicinal value because of this. In some places, they are also used for warmth, especially in cold countries.

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